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We try to display the best examples of every style from the traditional cast iron to the latest contemporary designs such as the Austroflamm Stola above.

Austroflamm are one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of modern multi-fuel stoves. The stoves are made in Austria from steel, cast iron and richly glazed ceramics. They are magnificent examples of contemporary technology and design, specifically developed to meet both the increasingly exacting international standards and the demands of the discerning home owner.

Austroflamm's advanced technology allows their ceramic stoves to generate impressive amounts of radiant and convective heat regardless of whether they are using wood or smokeless fuels. Many models can generate up to 11 kw and they can burn continuously for up to 10 hours on a single loading of smokeless solid fuel. They brighten your home with dancing flames and glowing embers which are viewed through windows kept clean by use of secondary combustion and airwash technology.

Every ceramic panel on an Austroflamm stove is individually moulded and hand finished. It is then hand glazed by a master craftsman and fired at high temperature to fuse the glaze onto the base. Ceramic panels store and diffuse heat for longer than even cast iron and radiate the heat at a longer wavelength than metal providing a more comfortable warmth to your home.

The high rise high tech Stola is typical in being available in a wide range of ceramic colours (9) as well as black steel and brushed stainless steel. Although it has been designed to occupy a minimum of floor space it's advanced design of combustion chamber produces up to 10 kw of heat output. Not only does it set new performance standards for the size of stove but it also produces the most remarkable flame pictures.

Come and see what we can offer - the pictures on these pages can only provide a taste of what we have. We will be delighted to show you round the showroom and share our love of the natural beauty of the granites, marbles and seasoned woods we use and discuss how they can be incorporated into your home. There is still nothing to beat a real fire for turning a house into a home.

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Last updated 21st April 2015