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We have a wide range of stoves from all the main manufacturers on display in our recently extended showroom along with a range of our surrounds. Many of the stoves are displayed in typical surrounds with associated guards, fire tools etc. A dozen of these stoves are fully fitted and can be lit - there are usually a few burning every day. The links above right will take you to a series of pages showing some of the fires from popular manufacturers currently on display - many as you will see are burning.

We try to display in the showroom the best examples of every style from the traditional cast iron to the latest contemporary designs such as the one above called Dancing Flames (Click the link or the picture for more details).

If convenience is important many stoves and fires can be supplied as gas fired versions and several of them are fully installed so they can be demonstrated.

We have recently opened an extension to our showroom where we have 8 fires fully fitted and in operation. They including a "pebble" gas fire with water effects and an amazingly realistic electric stove.

We have recently had a visit from TouchReading and they made the following short video which gives a good idea of the scale of our operations available to us for a short period. Like all videos it needs a good broadband connection so if you find it keeps stopping and starting we suggest you pause it immediately after it starts to give it a chance to buffer some data - it should then play smoothly.

We are working on adding some additional videos of our own using the latest technology to the site - these should play in all browsers so watch this space for more news.

Come and see what we can offer - the pictures, and even videos, on these pages can only provide a taste of what we have. We will be delighted to show you round the showroom and share our love of the natural beauty of the granites, marbles and seasoned woods we use and discuss how they can be incorporated into your home. There is still nothing to beat a real fire for turning a house into a home.

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